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AdPowerment Personal Branding

The influence of invisible communication on brands


AdPowerment is the system I use to develop, renew or reinvent brands in seven different stages.

AdPowerment is a combination of two words and two worlds that shaped my work. Advertising and Empowerment. The world of Brands, creativity, Advertising and Marketing. And the world of Human Potential, counselling and coaching psychology.

The best of both worlds of visible and Invisible communications come together in AdPowerment.

As a brand you will become aware that everything about you and around you communicates. That includes both your visible and invisible communications. The more conscious you are of what you’re communicating, the more you will be able to shape your brand, your way.


I will guide and develop your brand through AdPowerment and share skills that help you maintain your brand through challenging times.

The branding or rebranding process is a commitment to professional excellence, continuous growth and change. To transform from ‘product’ to brand and be recognised for what you and your business can do best.

The rewards are trust, respect and relevance when you become a brand of choice. A brand that makes a significant difference to lives.



  • I work with leaders before any change management work. Naming them would be inappropriate.

  • Today I realise the importance of personal branding for every executive who aspires to rise in the competitive corporate world.

AdPowerment is a registered trademark of Rita Alder Haque since May 2003.

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