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Corporate Culture Change Consulting

Your Company culture is potentially your competitive advantage that contributes to the value of your company’s  intangible assets.

I consider Corporate Transformation Tools (CTT) by Barrett Values Centre, some of the most versatile, effective and cost - effective assessment tools that prepare organisations for inevitable future changes. The Cultural Transformation Tools (CTT) are based on the Seven Levels of Organisational Consciousness based on human needs and motivations.

They are an innovative set of assessment tools that measure the values of individuals and organisations.

They map the alignment of employees’ personal values with those of the current culture of the organisation, and those of the current culture with the desired culture.

A detailed diagnostic report of an organisational culture provides the leader with valuable information, and a roadmap for continuous improvement that can lead to business growth CTT tools help support leaders build  resilient values-driven cultures and strong aligned teams.



Here are some ways I have used CTT. Are these also some of your goals?

  • Create and strengthen global brand alignment

  • Prepare a company for IPO and increase brand value.

  • Assess the internal brand culture of a luxury watch company.

  • Build a strong leadership Team, and halt high turnover.

  • Coach more than 60 Asian Leaders and senior managers of a global company using  the CTT 360 Leadership Values Assessments (LVA) 

  • Create stronger alignment between organisation and clients 

  • Increase alignment of department heads

  • Assess team alignment of  school teachers 

  • Create a culture of wellbeing that impacts the bottom line.* 

  • Raise the Corporate Spirit*

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