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Health & Wellness Coaching

I realised a long time ago that I could not be happy and successful if I didn’t have good health to make it happen. A healthy body supports a healthy mind and vice versa. So I studied to be a Health Coach. A study that includes physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. I address all areas of your life to ensure that you achieve your health and wellness goals.


Are these some of your goals?

  • Address  food cravings.

  • Feel radiant and energized at any age.

  • Skin that radiates. 

  • Live a healthy & fulfilling life.

  • Address my food cravings.

  • Prepare for a special day. 



  • I guide people in their food choices.

  • I share my secrets to maintain optimal energy at any age.

  • I studied Macrobiotics in the UK and realise that food heals.

  • I did a simple course in Ayurveda in San Diego. 

  • I have experienced several wellness programmes in Australia, Bali, Germany, India, Italy, Malaysia, Portugal, Singapore, and USA.

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