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Rita has been an invaluable source of support . She first worked with us as a consultant conducting branding sessions for our retail division Club 21 Pte Ltd and hospitality and wellness division, COMO Hotels and Resorts and Como Shambhala.


We engaged her as an executive coach in 2007 for our senior managers and heads of department in Singapore and regionally where she also facilitated workshops in our regional offices as part of the integration process following assessments with Corporate Transformation Tools (CTT) and Leadership Values Assessments (LVA).


Rita joined Club 21 and COMO Hotels and Resorts as Head of Learning and Development in 2010 to support organisational goals. In addition to her role, Rita also offers Leadership coaching to top and middle management as part of their leadership development programme.


The organisation has benefitted greatly from working with Rita. Through establishing effective coaching relationships with stakeholders of the organisation, Rita was key in catalyzing organisational changes.


Christina Ong

Owner/ Founder

Club 21.

COMO Hotels and Resorts

Rita is deeply concerned about bringing excellence to everything she does. She is highly skilled and continuously expanding her knowledge in the field of human development. Her compassionate heart makes others feel cared for and she certainly deserves the trust others place in her. Over the years, I have been privy to witnessing her working with various organisations and all have significantly improved in their team alignment and success. I highly recommend her.


Volker Krohn

CEO Hoffman Institute

Singapore / Australia

​I have personally known Ms Rita Haque for over 15 years. Prior to that I knew of her as a dynamic and energetic person in the branding advertising industry in Singapore and the region.

In the first few coaching sessions, I found Rita’s dynamism and enthusiasm for all she does, contageous.

Having successfully stamped her brand in the advertising industry, she embarked on the process of self  discovery which led her to many seminars and conferences around the world. She then brought these back to Singapore as a way of giving back to society. Her legendary seminars featured luminaries like Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer and other like- minded individuals in the field of human potential.

In the past few years she has successfully combined the knowledge and skills she acquired and developed in her two previous industries of advertising, branding and human potential into a unique alchemy.

At Web Structures, we have  benefitted from Rita’s coaching and consultancy services over the past 15 years and have grown from a 4-person engineering consultancy  firm in Singapore to a 60- strong company with offices in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Shanghai and London.

Rita’s guidance throughout our growth process has been truly invaluable. Her work style would energise the office, while her enthusiastic involvement with management and the staff of the company has continuously challenged us to be one of the leading consultancy firms in our industry in the region and beyond.

I have no hesitation in recommending Rita, as I’m sure she will add great value to any individual any company regardless of size, industry and stage of development.


Dr H Rezai-Jorabi

BSc. PhD. CEng. MStructE, MIES, AMSIArb, MSSSS Director

I would like to convey my personal gratitude to Ms Rita Haque, our facilitator for Barret’s,  Corporate Transformation tools (CTT). She  brought new direction to our corporation as well as my personal life during her time with us where morale was low and we were lost. Over twenty months of hard work, Rita proved that her coaching and training, and more important, her earnest and sincere personality really works. Turnover diminished to two per year from a high monthly turnover. Everyone synchronized and the organisation regained stability. Transformation is not just surface when Rita works. She first uproots then instills values. She  made an impact on me and many of my colleagues that extended to our families and personal lives. Today I am a happier man, a better husband and a committed father to my two children. I would like to thank you Rita, for your valuable lessons.


Max Goh

Boutique Manager

Tempo Luxe Pte Ltd

I have known Rita Haque for 19 years. Over the years as my company grew, Rita has been my mentor, my advisor and ultimate Life coach. I treasure her guidance in every big decision of my life, her insight and support guides me through the darkness and the light. Nearly twenty years later even when distance keeps us apart, Rita is always present with her insightful guidance.Thank you Rita, I treasure your advice and guidance because it always comes from love knowledge and wisdom.


Ivana Daniell

Founder / Director

Ivana Daniell ‘LIFE in MOVEMENT’ Limited

London UK



Rita is someone who has the ability to touch your heart and soul in a very authentic way.
She can take you on both, an inner and outer journey, towards your potential and your dreams.

Rita has over time become a trusted confidante and friend.


Nikki Harper

I have been fortunate to work with Rita Haque delivering training programmes over the past few years. Rita is an experienced counsellor and cultural change leader. I love working with Rita as she is fantastic at engaging the audience throughout the learning journey and  uses true stories to bring topics to life. Her empathy and insights allow her to meet the learning needs of participants. I very much hope to work with Rita again in the future.


Haley Sharratt 
Strategic Communication Specialist

For having led & facilitated the resoundingly successful ‘Caregivers-to-Caregivers (C2C)’ education programme for mental health conditions, my mother & I would like to express our deep respect & heartfelt appreciation.

Over several months & thru weekly classes, the team tirelessly worked together to generously impart invaluable wealth of knowledge & experience.

We benefitted tremendously, & gained so many extremely useful takeaways:

  • Different types of mental health conditions

  • Effective strategies in creative problem-solving

  • Improving communication with our loved ones

  • How to better self-care, cope as caregivers, and enhance the quality of our lives to prevent burnout


We are so much more enlightened about what it really means to practise empathy, & how to be better caregivers for those with mental health conditions.

My mother & I are extremely blessed to have successfully attended, completed & graduated from the “Caregivers-to-Caregivers (C2C)” course. We have learnt so much.

Thank You So Much!!! 

Ever Grateful,

Glenn Ong & Family

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