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Leadership Coaching

While artificial Intelligence and advanced robotics transform the way we live and work, quietly and imperceptibly, caregiver numbers are rising globally. How will you manage these changes? How will it impact the real drivers of change? People who are caregivers of your business. And probably caregivers at home, coping with the growing competing demands of work and home.

How will you lead and manage these growing trends? 

Will loyal staff know they still matter?


Are these some of your leadership goals?

  • Lead seamless change in the new economy 

  • Empower managers to manage the new economy

  • Grow leaders with key soft skills for the future, creativity, empathy, EQ

  • Employees living the company vision, mission & values

  • Accelerate corporate brand growth 

  • Support caregivers in our organisation* ( to recommend Volunteer Organisation for training )



  • 360 feedback and coaching more than 200 leaders globally using Linking Leader Profiles, and Leadership Values Assessment (LVA) from Corporate Transformation Tools (CTT)

  • Hands-on experience supporting growth of local and global brands over a span of 25 years. (See list.)

  • Founded and built my own Marketing & Advertising Consultancy with two partners ‘Fong Haque&Soh ‘ that we sold to TBWA after three short years of  accelerated phenomenal growth

  • Experienced Regional Brand guardian for Proctor&Gamble, brand Whisper in nine countries in Asia Pacific region. Plus world-wide Brand Guardian for Hyatt worldwide

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