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Shaping Leaders and Cultures of Tomorrow



Consultant. Coach. Counsellor. Speaker.


I am the Founder and Director of Rita Haque Consultancy and an advocate of personal and corporate transformation. My experience in various leadership roles in international agencies and organisations has led me to believe that people and organisations can grow exponentially, once they embrace their strengths. My own creative advertising and marketing consultancy, Fong Haque & Soh, with two partners, was sold to TBWA after three short years of phenomenal growth. 


I then immersed myself in the transformational field of Human Potential to make a difference: I invited recognised global leaders in the field Like Deepak Chopra and Wayne Dyer to Singapore. Brought in proven processes like the Hoffman Process and Corporate Transformation Tools (CTT) to effect change and growth. 

Armed with a Masters In Social Science (Counselling) knowledge Certifications in Executive, Life, Health coaching and EQ, I now use my experience and multi- dimensional skills developed over many years in the field of Brand Communications and Human Potential to focus on people and corporate breakthroughs. 

My task is to guide  the process of change and growth with passion and compassion.

“It takes courage and kindness to be honest with someone because it is the only way forward.


Then it takes creativity to get to the heart of the matter and find creative ways to move someone to action.”

Rita Haque



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